Audit and Energy Efficiency

Many businesses consume irrationally electrical energy supplied to them by the company paying the current....      plus...

Expert technical risks

Technical Risks Expertise:...      plus...

Evaluation of business assets

The evaluation of movable and immovable property is essential in the context of an insurance underwriting,...      plus...

Fire and Industrial Risk

Fire Prevention and Industrial Risk, Internal Operations Plans:...      plus...

air conditioning and cold

Research projects in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning...      plus...

Audit and Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the weak African companies in general....      plus...

Biomedical expertise

Consultancy in the field of hospital equipment (biomedical expertise):...      plus...

Industrial risk

Fire prevention and industrial risks, internal operations plan:...      plus...


Consultancy in the field of environmental impact studies:...      plus...


We focus on training in the following areas:...      plus...

The Sahelian Expertise and Management Consulting

The Sahelian Expertise and Management Consulting is a firm and consultancy operating in the following fields:

  • Expertise Risk Fire, Electrical and Computer.
  • Cold air. Engineering Controls (machinery and steam pressure - APV - Plumbing, Electrical & industrial).
  • Engineering, Consulting and Audit Maintenance. Energy Audit.
  • Study and Evaluation of Projects.
  • Biomedical expertise.
  • Environment & Development.
  • Training.
Abdoulaye Oumar Djigo, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer, Graduate Management (CESAG) Fire Expert, Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Assessors and Senegal.
Mr. Djigo is the promoter of SECMA firm and has extensive experience in various technical and management (Hospital Maintenance and Industrial, Business Management, Technical Expertise and Reviews tangible and intangible Studies Project, etc.)..
The promoter of the firm, Abdoulaye Oumar Djigo, has extensive experience in the field of the environment, especially in the field of substances that deplete the ozone layer, reducing emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, biomedical waste management .
In addition, Ms. Sy Khadidiatou specializes in impact studies for several years (impact study for the central Kounoune, study for a new line HT Senegal, etc.).